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Keep it Simple

May 20, 2013

Today was a good day. I snuck home for the weekend yesterday, to watch the NASCAR race and the Pacers-Knicks game with my parents. Yesterday was only half the fun, though.

Today my father, grandfather and I all loaded up in my dad’s Envoy (with the family dogs of course) and headed to the Mississinewa Reservoir to go fishing. It was a beautiful, sunny day all day. The temperatures were in the low 80s, warm without being too much. I braved a shirtless day to try to work on this farmer’s tan and only have a little bit of pink, sunburnt skin to worry about. We caught a decent amount of fish, had a great day bonding together, and there’s still the evening to relax. It’s perfect.

And you know, it makes me think. In the world we live in today, we’re all caught up in every complex detail the world has to offer. We constantly check Facebook and Twitter for likes, comments, favorites, retweets, and anything else we can get. We look up every statistic we can think of. We go through all of the complexities of life, and that’s fine and dandy. But you know what? The best moments in life are really the most simple ones.

Think about it, all of the things we love doing most are simple. Whether it’s a day at the lake, seeing your favorite band, or even just laying around with that special someone, the moments we love and appreciate most are the most simple ones. Why then do we always put so much focus on the other moments?

That’s just my thought for the day. Hit me up with some comments or whatever if you’d like, and take it easy!

Stay fabulous,



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  1. Garrett M. permalink

    I just want to say even though you have only posted a few times I look forward to reading everything you write! I can really relate to the topics and struggles of a young adult. Your optimism is really refreshing in an otherwise pessimistic world. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you very much! I appreciate the compliments! I’ll keep churning these out so long as I can think of things to talk about!

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