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The Never-Ending Goal of Bettering Yourself

October 3, 2013

   Life is crazy. We’re constantly doing something, struggling with the limited time we have to accomplish all of our ambitious goals. We try to blend family, friends, personal time, religious time, and for some time with significant others all together in a mash-up that’s nearly impossible to pull off. To put it quite simply, we’re always working towards something. Whether it’s forging relationships, getting money growing closer to God, or just feeling relaxed, we always work toward a goal. Well, I have one thing to push you all to work towards this week. 

   Bettering yourself.

   It sounds so simple as a challenge, doesn’t it? We all know that we’re capable of it. We all have flaws, things that we wish we could change about ourselves. The trick, though, is that we aren’t all willing to work toward that change.

   What a shame that is. We are all capable of SO much. A single person can change the world if the opportunity comes. We just try to tell ourselves it couldn’t be us, that we’re not capable of such a feat. We all know someone will spring forth and do the big things that this world needs, but the probably is that we all think it will be someone else.

    Well, I’m here to tell you that that someone should be you. With a little effort, we can all make big things happen. We can all work together to change the world around us. But first, let’s start small.

   My goal for you all this week is to find one flaw that you have, one little thing you would like to improve about yourself, and work to fix it. Are you struggling to make friends? Go out and talk to someone new. Sick of downing empty calories? Try to cut pop or coffee out of your life. Having an issue in a class? Devote and extra couple hours to studying for it. Just try to fix something you want changed. 

   I’ll tell you, I’ve been working on something myself. I had been struggling to talk to new people this year, letting myself get trapped in the group of friends I’ve had for the last 2 years alone. While I have nothing against any of them (I love you guys!), I’m always interested in meeting new people. I rekindled my desire to make new friends, and over the course of this week have went out of my way to talk to as many new people as possible, and try to make them all smile. It’s been a major success for me!

   We all have our issues, but the good thing is we have plenty of time to work on them. Now, I’m not saying we’re going to make ourselves perfect. No one on this earth is perfect. I’m just saying that with a little effort, we can be the best people possible. You guys are all already amazing as it is, so why not push to be even better? 


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