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A Time to Give Thanks

December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving comes every year, and with it comes a thousand posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone shares a picture of their favorite parade float, tweets about how cute (or ugly) Taylor Swift looked when she performed. Pictures of food flood the internet (as if we aren’t all eating the same thing) and everyone puts into 140 characters how full they are. It all floods together much like a perfect storm, as happens every holiday.

One tradition on Thanksgiving makes me happy, though. Hidden amongst the food and found between naps are post after post of thanks. People post how thankful they are for their family, for God and for the nation they live in. Each of these posts get likes, favorites, retweets, etc. For one day, everyone puts their sadnesses away and cherishes all of the little things in life. It’s beautiful. Overall, there’s only one thing wrong with it.

It only happens one day per year.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that I love the tradition of giving thanks on turkey day. It’s one of my favorite holidays. However, we have all of these things to be thankful for during the other 364 days of the year, too. So why do we only acknowledge them for one day of the year? 

The easy comparison for this holiday is Valentine’s Day. For one day of the year, every loving couple takes some time to show each other how much love they have. It’s a cute holiday, albeit a commercial one, and leads to a lot of happy couples and families for a day. However, unlike Thanksgiving, couples still show their love outside of the holiday. Any good significant other shows their love how much they mean to them every single day.

The title of this blog was sort of a joke. We always call Thanksgiving a time to give thanks, and it is. But in all actuality, everyday is. We always have things to be thankful. We’re blessed beyond belief. Why, I’m blessed to be alive and able to write this blog.

I’m not saying change tradition. I look forward to seeing all of the posts for thankfulness and smiling again next November! I just hope that I’ll see a few showing of thankfulness along the way, too. I know I’m sure thankful for all of you. 

With love,



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